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Textile Design Advancements From DVC

Delaware Valley Corporation in Massachusetts manufactures non-woven textiles in a wide variety of industrial felts and fabrics for a growing variety of applications. Our Needle-punch Non-woven, decorative felts come in various weights and structures such as flat-punch, velour, and patterned. We can produce die-cut parts and blanks as well as apply a variety of adhesives and coatings and perform light assembly.

Though Automobile textile designs are part of Delaware Valley’s roots, we excel in Textile Design for many applications. One of our more recent and exciting areas of Textile Design is in the floor covering arena.

We designed and commenced the production of structured face felts for walk-off mats and runners within the last decade, and every year we add new patterns and design constructions to this segment of our Needle-punch Non-woven fabric portfolio. Recently we have introduced flooring materials made from coarse denier fiber, previously only available in Northern Europe. We designed a needle-punch fabric simulating coir (coconut husks) fiber with the advantages of coir’s coarse scraping abilities. Our synthetic fibers are rot-resistant and are able to shed water. We have also introduced American production of heavier weight patterned walk-off mats previously only available off-shore.

Marine Fabrics have also benefited from our Textile Design capabilities as we have introduced and created new patterns and custom colors for Ceiling fabrics, Hull liners, and Lazarette linings for companies that desire alternatives to compliment their new vessel designs.

With our history of innovation and groundbreaking construction techniques, we welcome new ideas and challenges. Feel free to contact us with what you would like in a piece of fabric and we will get you answers faster than you would expect from our portfolio of non-woven fabrics and from our ‘dreams’ of non-woven fabric possibilities.

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