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Automotive Aftermarket

Delaware Valley Corp. is a leading textile manufacturer, specializing in needle-punch nonwoven fabrics used in numerous industries. For over 62 years we have serviced the Automotive “Big 3+”, a true litmus test to our earning our reputation as a trusted resource for Automotive Aftermarket Fabrics. 

We produce high-quality textiles for a broad range of other uses as well, and tailor our products to the specific needs of our clients.

Nonwoven Fabric for the Automotive Aftermarket

As automotive textile manufacturers, we have extensive knowledge of the industry and what it needs, so we can carefully design and develop fabrics that satisfy our clients. We understand how challenging the automotive landscape can be, so we continually do our research to improve our products and become a go-to solution whom automotive pioneers can trust.

Aftermarket encompasses the performance, appearance, and replacement parts for the automotive industry. Needle-punch fabric is used in many of these parts due to its desirable properties. Most modern electric vehicles today are equipped with these high-performance textiles. 

Reasons why the automotive industry uses needle-punch automotive textiles:

  • Reduces the car’s weight: Choosing non-woven over traditional textiles can reduce mass and improve energy efficiency.
  • Enhances overall comfort of passengers: Used as a barrier fabric between a car’s metal frame and other components for better comfort.
  • Excellent for soundproofing: The needle-punch fabrics have a high level of sound absorption, making them ideal for soundproofing.
  • Excellent resistance against extreme temperatures: Nonwoven fabrics are naturally more durable than other textiles, so it does well in varying temperatures.
  • Offers outstanding aesthetic value: Needle-punch nonwoven fabrics can be customized for many finished upholstery uses.

Overall, needle-punch textile products’ versatility and exceptional capabilities have helped the industry balance costs and reliability. It’s a suitable solution that can save money without compromising safety and quality in the long run.

Countless Applications of Nonwoven Automotive Textiles

Being a reliable automotive textile supplier who has worked with prominent automotive companies for over 6 decades, has allowed us to form strong relationships with many of them and has extended our reach in the industry. These modern Non Woven fabrics can be better and more reliable than standard textiles, making them in many cases the best option for demanding automotive applications.

The automotive textiles we supply are employed for countless applications, including but not limited to:

  • Primary and secondary backings in automotive carpets
  • Car interior liners
  • Headliners
  • Filtering systems
  • Speaker covers
  • Vehicle upholstery 
  • Sound Damping
  • Trunk Liners

Whatever your specifications and requirements, we can deliver outcomes that will improve your bottom line.

Choose Delaware Valley Corp to Fulfill Your Nonwoven Fabric Needs

The demand for needle-punch nonwoven fabrics will continue to increase rapidly in the coming years, and you need a supplier who can provide you with consistent results. 

Delaware Valley Corporation is the number one choice, as we can work according to your specific needs and budget.

Please feel free to contact us today for more information and/or for a quote. Not only are we priced competitively, we are known and trusted to provide top-grade fabrics and textiles for the automotive sector. You can rest assured that our working partnership will result in your products exceeding industry standards – every time.

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