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Engineered Fabrics

When it comes to designing engineered fabrics, Delaware Valley Corporation has a long and proud history. Since its founding by Dom DiMaggio, the former MLB center fielder for the Boston Red Sox, Delaware Valley Corporation has been providing engineered needle-punched textiles and needle-punched fabrics to the most demanding and satisfied customer. Our storied list of clients proves our point: you’ll find our engineered fabrics featured in every shape and size of all-American vehicle (from Cadillac Escalades to Dodge Caravans), in Sony and Bose speakers, under the Membrane Roofing of many iconic structures, in Hospitals and Clinics around the country, on the floor in the entry way of your favorite restaurant and even in the Putting Green Surface of your Dad’s favorite pitch-back.

Our ability to change a wide variety of specifications allows us to modify the many characteristics of our finished products. The result of this flexibility is a textile tailored for very specific functions. Changing the polymer of the fiber, the weight of the web, the needle density, the needle pattern, the denier (coarseness) of the fiber, the ratio of low to high melt fiber, etc. yields a variety of ranges for the characteristics of the fabric. Ranges affected by these changes include porosity, wick ability, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, stiffness, thickness, vibration mitigation, appearance, etc.

Solutions limited only by your imagination

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