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Needle-punched Non-woven Innovations

Delaware Valley Corporation‘s introduction of the thermal bonding of pile surface needle punch fabrics to the automotive industry in the early 1990’s was, we believe, a seminal point for our industry to become the environmentally conscious and clean industry it is today.

Delaware Valley protected the rights of all non-woven fabric manufacturers in the United States to produce ecologically friendly, thermal bonded, needle-punch fabrics through its fight to invalidate several patents, the protections of which were preventing the wide spread adoption of Thermal Bonding. Our skilled Technicians not only invalidated the patents, but contributed extensive knowledge to the existing technology.

We are constantly improving our ability to do things with fabrics through this technology that our competitors have not yet dreamed of. The process of thermal bonding needle punched fabrics is as simple and as clean as is physically possible. In summary, we mix a controlled ratio of low melt fiber into our base non-woven fabric and heat it enough to soften it to the point that it binds to the main fibers where those fibers intersect, thereby locking the fibers together. Similar results had been accomplished in the past through the application of liquid, water-based latex.

The new process uses less than 1/3 of the heat energy previously needed, avoids any liquid waste pollution, reduces to insignificant levels airborne pollution, and allows the fabric to be 100% reclaimed compared to the prior, latex-backed ,needle-punch fabric’s inability to be reclaimed to any significant degree. Today, most needle-punched fabric producers have accepted this new technology and it continues to grow.

If you want to work with the leader in the production of thermal bonded needle-punch fabrics, Delaware Valley is the correct choice, and we want to work with you!


The Mechanical binding of a web of fibers to form a fabric by penetrating the web with an array of barbed needles that carry tufts of the web’s own fibers into a vertical direction through the web. Needle-punching requires no water and consumes little energy. It is a high-performance technology realizing high throughput speeds with a high degree of automation and production efficiency.

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