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At Delaware Valley Corporation, our industrial sector experience is intricately woven into every fabric we produce. The breadth of our expertise spans the numerous categories of textile manufacturing and specialty textile services. We are a leader in the world of Modern Day commercial textiles. Our independent development of a new economical approach to fabric bonding created an environmentally sound, cost saving change that was cutting edge at the time and is now a mainstay for Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing. We continue to watch and investigate how fabric components interact as we manufacture and learn new potential possibilities every day.

Eco-Friendly Engineering Textiles with Precision & Purpose

Our nonwoven textile factory is the birthplace of innovation where eco-friendly textiles are not a mere choice but a defining attribute of our production ethos. We harness the potential of nonwoven fabric, employing punch needle fabric techniques to create textiles that are not only durable and economical but are also consciously designed to be environmentally friendly. Our expertise in Materials Science continues to guide our daily manufacturing processes.

Surface Protection & Performance Enhancement

Our industrial-grade textiles are designed with exacting standards, ensuring that they stand up to rigorous applications. From the subtle art of cable wrapping to the critical functionality of fluid retention and filtering, we offer a spectrum of products that secure and enhance operational integrity.

Vibration Dampening & Safety

The machinery that powers industries doesn’t operate in silence. This is where our vibration-dampening solutions step in, mitigating noise and reducing wear and tear, leading to safer, more comfortable work environments and prolonged equipment life.

Advanced Materials for Advanced Needs

Our offerings are versatile and unending:

  • Column Cover: A textile manufacturing solution that combines aesthetics with protection, ensuring that the structural elements stand the test of time and conditions.
  • Molded Breather Fabric & Gasketing: Tailored to maintain system integrity, our products provide the perfect seal and breathable layers, where needed.
  • Loop for Hook & Loop Fasteners: Crafted for durability and repeated use, our loops are designed to grip and hold steadfastly, time after time.
  • Fluid Applicators and Transfer Systems: Whether for a precise paint job or an efficient oil change, our commercial textiles facilitate smooth operations.
  • Medical Applications: Padding and exterior hard surface solutions to casting and protection of injured extremities.
  • Industrial Applications, yet discovered: With our experience in nonwoven fabrics and penchant for understanding materials science, we know there are endless applications for these fabrics. We continue to explore and develop other uses and welcome any challenge from any industry to help them find a solution to any challenge – even if they have no inkling that a fabric could be the simple solution.

A Palette of Possibilities

Delaware Valley Corporation doesn’t just produce commercial textiles, we engineer solutions in various colors and functionalities. Our solution-dyed polypropylene and/or polyester is not only color-fast but also can be patterned to meet the unique needs of each application, from plush anti-fatigue mats to stylish and durable wall coverings.

Customization at Its Core

In the world of commercial textiles, one size doesn’t fit all. We offer standard and custom colors, sizes, densities, and weights, ensuring that our clients receive a product that is as unique as their needs. Our range includes but is not limited to:

  • Flat Punch (Patternless): For those seeking simplicity and efficiency.
  • Velour (Random), Single & Dual Rib: When texture and touch are as important as function.
  • Plush, Hobnail, and Chevron: Creating textiles with a personality, ready to make a statement wherever they’re employed.

Committed to the Environment

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices isn’t just a part of our process; it’s woven into every product that leaves our factory. From using recycled PET to our sustainable textile manufacturing processes, we ensure that while we’re serving the industry, we’re also protecting the planet.

Delaware Valley Corporation is a beacon of quality and innovation in the industrial textile landscape. We are more than a supplier; we are a partner in progress, aiding industries to build a more durable, efficient, and sustainable future with our specialty textile services.

Solutions limited only by your imagination

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