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Non-woven Innovations For Industrial And Other Fabrics

Delaware Valley Corporation has been in the high-quality industrial fabrics business longer than most other companies in our line of work. There’s no secret to our success: we simply upgrade and innovate our industrial structured felts so they’ll fit the needs, fashion, and comfort of the times.

The automobile industry is only one area where we have stayed at the fore front of technology. We have been innovative leaders in the medical, flooring and roofing industry as well. Our non-woven fabric has long been used in a composite cast material to set broken bones around the world. We designed this needle-punch non-woven fabric for a customer desperate for a concept solution and have been the exclusive producer of this medical fabric for over 20 years. With additional design and color work, this particular fabric has also become a standard for dermal cushioning used in temporary consumer wrist and ankle splints and other end uses that require soft non-allergenic use next to the skin.

The employees of Delaware Valley have a “can-do” mindset that was forged as far back as the 1960’s when we rapidly created a new non-woven construction in response to a supply disruption (vendor destroyed by fire) of the existing component to Fisher Body (the soft trim division of General Motors). In the 1980’s, out of a concern for the safety of the Bose Corporation workers who were filling stereo speaker cabinets with fiberglass for acoustic dampening, our employees quickly developed an Industrial Fabric that was gentle to the workers skin and accomplished the same dampening characteristics as fiberglass.

With our innovative nature, our willingness to attempt the impossible, and our ability for rapid response, we are the needle punch manufacturer to turn to for solutions for Industrial Fabric needs.

Solutions limited only by your imagination

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