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Custom Non-woven Manufacturing with Recycled, Latex Free Fibers

In 1998 Delaware Valley Corporation saw an opportunity to enter the commercial and residential flooring market with an emphasis on entry mats. Having witnessed the overwhelming acceptance of non-woven floor coverings enjoyed in Europe, Delaware Valley began to pursue the burgeoning market for non-woven flooring in the USA.

Drawing upon our own knowledge base in thermal bonding technology and our fabric structuring capabilities, we introduce to the Walk-off Mat industry a 100% recyclable matting textile that was more environmentally and consumer-friendly than latex-backed matting fabrics previously in use.

Capitalizing on our strengths in needle punch patterning and bonding technology, today Delaware Valley is a major supplier to the matting industry with a variety of structured textiles such as:

  • Single rib
  • Dual rib
  • Chevron
  • Hobnail
  • Plush
  • Coir plush

Weights ranging from 10 oz/sq yd to 50 oz/sq yd and a wide range of colors and fiber deniers to accommodate both residential and commercial applications.

Our Customers make Floor Tiles, Entry Mats and Floor Runners by molding or imposing a water proof substrate to the back of our matting fabric. From small to large, Delaware Valley ships to a wide range of companies servicing them directly from our factory with turnaround times of 24 hours or less and, if same day needs occur, from back-up stock we retain in our warehouses in the Dalton Georgia area. To provide our customers with a steady supply of mat textile and to maintain the ability to accommodate large orders in a timely fashion, we carry a large raw material stock and produce to order daily.

Delaware Valley is in the process of commissioning a new production line to increase capacity, efficiency, and response time to grow both residential and commercial walk-off matting fabric production.

We continue to monitor the market and to develop new products to meet the future needs of our Customers. Although we are proficient in forecasting interesting directions, we rely on our customer’s cues as to what may be next.

If you have ideas we will be glad to try to make them a reality.

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Custom Recyclable, Latex Free, Indoor/Outdoor Entrance Mat Project Highlights:

Capabilities Applied/Processes (Needle Punching, Structuring, Die Cutting, Laminating, etc.): Needle Punching, Structuring, Patterning, High denier and Recycled fiber content
Tightest Tolerance: Pattern height, Weight
Material Type: Polypropylene
Material Thickness: Per construction
Product Length: As needed from 25 to 200 yards per roll
Product Width: Slit to order from 6 to 180 inches
Temperature Range: NA
Color: Per order
Material Finish (Flat Punch, Velour, Pattern, Coarse,  etc...): Single Rib, Multiple Rib, Chevron, Hobnail, Velour
Resistances (Oil, Water, Grease, etc...): Wear resistant, Resistance to Petroleum, UV Fade Resistant, Mildew Resistant
Packaging: Plastic bagged roll with paper tube core
Special Features: Moldable, 1.5 to 400 Denier
Secondary Operations Applied: Heat setting, singeing
Industry for Use: Home furnishing, Architectural fabrics and textiles
Volume: 6, 000,000 square yards per year
Delivery Time: To order
Delivery Location: Southeast, International
Standards Met (Customer Supplied Print, ISO, ASTM, etc...): ASTM G21, SAE J1530, ISO 3795, ISO 9001:2015
Product Name: Walk-off matting, Floor covering
Project Scope: See details above
Development Work (Prototype, Tensile Test, Porosity Test, Abrasion Test, etc...): Side by Side Wear and Mold-ability Testing
Drawing Type Accepted: NA
Tooling Cost: NA
Shipping Cost: NA
Product Description: Textured face fabrics
Product Image File Name: Matting Patterns

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